Scrabble Tile Art

There are many ways to say “I Love You.”  I’ve created a fun way to show your admiration with old Scrabble tiles and a few flea market finds.

You can find old Scrabble games at garage sales, flea markets and thrift stores — or maybe even stored deep in your own closet.  Since you’re not going to use it to play the actual game, it doesn’t matter if a few tiles are missing from the set.


For some unexplained reason, I collect vintage graters, at least the ones for $1 or less.  I refuse to spend more than a buck for one, though.  I do have my limits.

I also recently found a vintage clipboard, one with really deep rings.  Must’ve held a lot of invoices in its time.  I’m a fan of several bloggers who create wonderful items from recycled junk.  I do not claim to be that creative; however, I do like to include a few rusty pieces in my altered artworks every now and then.


I painted the clipboard using DecoArt chalky finish paint, mixing together “Smitten” and “Everlasting,” and accented the board with thin stripes using “Cameo.”

I added heart stickers to the back of two tiles, chose my letter tiles to spell “I LOVE YOU,” and glued magnets to the tile backs, which stick to the metal grater.

I painted thin stripes on a recycled glass jar, painted and embellished the lid.  I hot-glued the jar to a glass candlestick, added Red Hots and twine for a fun candy jar.


I looped twine to the bottom hanger of the grater, and hung the grater onto the clipboard rings.

Place the clipboard on the Scrabble board, and it makes a great Valentine’s Day table centerpiece.  I’m going to add magnets to additional tiles, and see what other messages can be created.

Click over to the Party page to see where I share my projects.



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