The Best Mother’s Day Gift

With everyone’s busy lives, I’m glad the calendar tells us to take one day to celebrate Mom. However, my Mom says “everyday is Mother’s Day,” and I tend to agree with her. Hopefully, your children tell you they love you more than just one day a year!

This Mother’s Day, lavish your Mom with more than a hug and kiss–give her several! And if you still want to give her something else, make a handmade gift that she will treasure always.

Here is an art canvas I made for my Mom several years ago.  It’s still one of my most favorite projects EVER. Since we have two daughters, I created this project showcasing  my Mom and me, and years later, my own daughters.

Gifts for Mother's Day

This project uses 8″ x 8″ and 8″ x 4″ canvasses tied together with ribbon. Each canvas was painted with acrylic paint, decoupaged and embellished.

Scrapbook Project for Mother's Day gift

Yes, that’s really me, just minutes after I was born. Look how cute I am!

Note the year:  1956  If you do the arithmetic, you’ll note I am almost 60, which I hear is the new 40.

Unconditional Love

I adhered Scrabble tiles to spell out “DAUGHTERS”  and chipboard letters to spell “LOVE”

art project for Mother's Day

Additional embellishments include a chipboard scroll, button and a heart charm tied to the “E”

Scrapbook Projects for Mother's Day

Ribbon, brads and a flower were added.

And then I added the year for the second photo: 2010 

Every few years, I update the bottom photo of my daughters and me and change the date.  So this year, when my daughters are home, we’ll snap a few new photos, and decoupage it to the canvas when we visit my Mom.

I had so much fun creating this wall hanging canvas for my Mom. It still hangs in her kitchen so she sees ii every single day. Lucky her!

[Note: This project originally appeared on my first blog, Altered Artworks on Blogger, which you can click on here, and see past projects.]


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