Kiss Me Goodnight



Summer is still one month away. So this metal sign needed a makeover, something I could use all year long. Paint and stencils quickly helped transform it

I used two stencils and three colors of DecoArt chalky finish paint in “Delicate,” “Vintage,” and “Carbon.”


I painted one side of the metal sign with “Vintage,” and the other side in “Delicate.” Two light coats completely covered the image.

When the paint dried, I used some old Washi tape to position the first stencil, “kiss me goodnight” to one side. Then I used a stencil brush and the color, “Carbon,” to stencil the words. At the same time, I also created a border around the edges of the sign.

Did the same with the “morning sunshine” stencil on the other side. Remember to always dab the excess paint off the brush before stenciling to avoid seepage under your stencil, which would ruin the design.


And here is the sign with its new makeover.

It looks great over my vintage desk secretary that I recently transformed.


Depending on the time of day (or your mood), you can switch the sign from one side to the other!


This was a quick and easy makeover, giving the old metal sign a new life.

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5 thoughts on “Kiss Me Goodnight

  1. I really love signs, any kind any shape any colors, and yours are so lovely!! It’s great you can flip it and have a different one anytime you want.

    Thanks for sharing with us at Sweet Inspiration party, enjoy the rest of the week!

    Liked by 1 person

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