Vintage Humidor Makeover


I bought this vintage humidor cabinet a few months ago. I like all the detail on the legs and cabinet door. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the door and found the copper interior. It’s a humidor cabinet, used for storing cigars.


After cleaning and a light sanding on the top, I painted it with one coat of ASCP Old White. Then I lightly distressed and waxed it with ASCP clear wax.



I changed out the knob to a pretty blue crystal, and gave the cabinet a little pop of color to the side edges of the door. I also added this lovely Parisian stencil on the top of the cabinet.


The original purpose of this little cabinet may have been for cigars. However, you can bet this will now hold anything but cigars! What would you keep in this cabinet?


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8 thoughts on “Vintage Humidor Makeover

  1. Love the makeover you gave this humidor!! The stencil on top is beautiful! I have one of these humidors but it has an extra tray on top that is broken. Seeing your lovely transformation makes me want to get around to fixing and refinishing mine. Thanks for the inspiration!!


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