After an exciting and exhausting decade in the advertising industry, I traded the long hours in career clothes and heels for the longer hours in sweats and sneakers.  As a SAHM, I applied my business abilities and leadership skills to PTA President, Girl Scout Leader and Room Mom many times over while I tried my best to shake up the public school system.  I thank my 5th grade teacher for setting the education standards high.

Now that our girls are grown and out on their own, I’m pursuing my creative passions for mixed media and repurposing thrifted furniture.  I hope you’ll follow my new blog and become inspired to find your own creativity.  It’s the best therapy ever.

To view past projects, please visit my previous blog,

Altered Artworks on Blogspot.com

I’m proud to be part of DecoArt’s Blogger Outreach Program.decoart_blogger_outreach_program_badge (1)


One thought on “About

  1. Hey Doreen, can’t find any contact info on the blog so trying to connect here, just wanted to give you a heads up I tried to connect with you on Twitter and your link in the blog page does direct me to twitter but says your account doesn’t exist, just wanted to let you know so we can follow you, have a great weekend!


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