They That Go Down to the Sea in Ships


A few weeks ago, while vacationing in Boston, we ferried over to the town of Gloucestor, one of the earliest English settlements. It is now known for the Rocky Neck Art Colony, where many artists call home.

The town was and still is a major seafaring and fishing port. Heard of Gorton’s fish sticks?  Well, Gorton’s of Gloucestor was founded here back in 1849, and the company still catches and processes their seafood here.

Anyway, there is a monument dedicated to the thousands of fishermen who ventured out to sea. The monument reads “They that go down to the sea in ships.” It’s actually from a psalm in the bible.

History lesson over.  Craft time begins.

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Nesting Canisters Get Nautical Makeover


Do you agree these vintage nesting canisters are a throwback to the 70’s? Picked up for $5, I knew they screamed for a makeover.

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Summer-inspired Tray Makeovers

Our monthly local vintage flea market is only a 15-minute drive from home. Vendors line the aisles with wonderful “trash to treasures.” A few months ago, I bought these two lap trays, with the short metal foldout legs. We used trays like this when we were kids when we were sick and got to eat in bed.


Click through to see the tutorial and after pics!

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Jewelry Box Transformation


This old jewelry box was gathering dust on a shelf in the garage.  I picked it up at a local thrift shop for $10 several years ago.  It has great bones and is in perfect condition–except for the dirty velvet interior. Continue reading “Jewelry Box Transformation”

Valentine’s Candy Jars & Centerpiece

After spotting boring candy jars on a store shelf, I knew I could create prettier ones, while recycling empty glass jars at the same time.  And this is what I made.

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New Year’s Eve Chocolate Favors

Ring in the New Year with champagne, party hats, and of course, chocolate!

Here’s a quick and festive chocolate treat for your New Year’s Eve party you can make in a snap. Look no farther than your local candy & cake decoration supply shop. Lucky for us, there’s one close by.

Over the past 25 years, I have built up quite an impressive collection of candy molds that collectively tell the story of our daughters’ activities and parties.  There are the ballet slippers, Pooh Bear & honey pots, soccer balls, Ariel & Friends, stars, pianos, teacups, artist palettes, flowers, softballs & bats, not to mention the molds for holidays including Valentine’s Day and Chanukah.  I’ve even made tennis rackets for my tennis group!

So when our daughter wanted to create something festive for New Year’s Eve, but didn’t have a lot of time, she knew exactly what to do:  chocolate lollipops!  A quick stop at Kake Kreations (isn’t that a darling name?) and 30 minutes later, she was busy in the kitchen.  In case you’ve never made these, let me show you how easy it is.


2-3 bags of 1 lb. bags of (milk, dark or white) chocolate candy wafers, 4″ sticks, small cellophane bags, plastic squeeze bottle, and of course your candy mold of choice.  Our daughter found one with a party hat, champagne bottle and martini glass.

You will also need a warming tray or griddle, kitchen towel, 2-cup Pyrex measuring cup or bowl, a mixing spoon and an empty shelf in your freezer!

Pour  1/2 lb. of chocolate pieces into a Pyrex bowl. Microwave for 1 minute at 50% power. Stir. Microwave for another 30 seconds at 50% power and stir again. Repeat 2-3 times until the chocolate is melted, but not burnt!

Pour chocolate into squeeze bottle, and slowly fill molds.  Do not overfill.  Tap mold gently so chocolate spreads into the small corners of the molds.   For those molds that require sticks, place stick into mold, turning stick slightly into chocolate.

Place mold into freezer for 10 minutes or until firm.

While waiting, place both Pyrex bowl and squeeze bottle onto warming tray or griddle, on top of a clean kitchen towel. Be sure griddle is set at lowest warming temperature. This keeps chocolate melted and ready for next fill. Repeat as many times as you need, melting 1/2 lb. of chocolate at a time.

Gently turn mold upside down and pop out chocolate onto paper towel.

 Place chocolate molds into individual cellophane bags.

Tie with festive curling ribbon.

You can also create tags with each guest’s name or with “Happy New Year” and tie them to the stick as well.  These can be used as table place cards.  Or poke these into a Styrofoam block, covered with bright cellophane and use it as a centerpiece.