Find Those Potatoes or my Vegetable Bin Makeover

Potatoes enjoy being stored in a dry, dark place. But they are also easily forgotten until you later find them in the back of the pantry growing the latest science experiment.

When I spotted this really old vegetable bin, I quickly grabbed slowly lugged it back to the car. It became my next makeover.


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Upcycled Toy Chest into Drink Cooler


With summer starting this weekend, it’s time to spruce up the patio in time for throwing backyard get-togethers.  Continue reading “Upcycled Toy Chest into Drink Cooler”

Repurposed Typewriter Table into Beer Cart


Old metal typewriter tables can be found at garage sales, flea markets and sometimes, even left out on a curb. Many are sold online as well, which is where I found this beauty. [Please disregard the backgammon board in front of the table. At the time, I thought I would pair the two. Plans changed.]

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