Repurposed Thrift Store Tray



I’ve always wanted to create a “Family Established & the Year” sign. Do you know the ones I’m talking about? After finding this cool old wooden tray at the thrift store, I decided to create a colorful family tray.


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Passover Table Decor & Placecards

Next week brings many families and friends together. My family celebrates Passover, where we retell the Exodus story with blessings songs and specially-prepared food. When we were kids, my parents invited many friends and relatives to join us for the seder. My chief responsibility was creating placecards – which I took very seriously.

This year, I decided to rekindle my very important job, and make place “cards” using small terra cotta pots.

I painted the three pots in different blue & white combinations, and added pictures and text which I had printed out on clear sticker paper.  After coating each pot with decoupage, I wrapped blue and white baker’s twine around the pots.

Use terra cotta planters for spring centerpiece
I printed names on white card stock, and glued the cards onto wooden plant markers painted blue.

A green herb (such as parsley or cilantro) is used on the Passover table to symbolize spring.  So I planted herbs in each pot. I’m going to use the largest pot as a centerpiece, so I made a label that reads “Kosher for Passover”.

Everyone gets their own pot with spring greens.

I decided the smallest pot was just too tiny to hold a plant, so I used the medium sized pots for the place markers.  These festive pots and plant markers will add a nice touch our seder table.  [Reprinted from Altered Artworks Blog]